June 2016


Here's a feature Salt Lake Underground Magazine ran on me when I was out there.

November 2013


I sat down with Latham Spencer & Emmett Spaulding at Armchair Philosophers at FCCFreeradio.  We discuss my roots in comedy, the San Francisco comedy scene, and get into kids and parenting a little bit. It starts at 54:20


Armchair Philosophers

November 2012


I was interviewed by Chris Durant of Savage Henry Magazine, a comedy magazine available in Northern California for the "Sober Issue" in November 2012.  We discuss my start in comedy, bad rooms, hecklers, and drinking, among other topics.


Savage Henry Magazine Full Interview

May 2013

Non-monogamy and relationship communication are discussed in this week’s incredibly informative episode. Sex experts and partners Reid Mihalko and Allison Moon are in-studio, plus comedian Matt Gubser joins Eric and Jess. Reid and Allison, who are veteran non-monogamy practitioners, talk about its intricacies and the essentials in forming any healthy relationship, plus Eric questions whether he’s polyamorous, and maybe a tad racist.


Full Disclosure with Eric Barry Episode 40-Non-Monogamy

Jan 2013

Bay Area comedian Matt Gubser does Stand Up on the Radio, and then sits down with Cory and Lex, topics include New Years Resolutions and otters on San Francisco's KKSF 910 AM




Stand-Up on the Radio

Dec 2012

Religion News Service writes up Ha Ha Heathens in an article that was run by the Washington Post. I'm sure it won't be the last time that I complain about a reporter butchering jokes.


Atheists Find Refuge in Ha Ha Heathens Holiday Show