Daddy Issues

"the kind of comedy album you keep on top of your rotation. Gubser is smart, perceptive, and...dark."


-The Serious Comedy Site


"Very good"


-Courting Comedy


Daddy issues is my first full length album.  It was recorded in April 2015 at Doc's Lab in San Francisco and released in October 2015. 

This was actually the second attempt.  I initially recorded in Dec 2013 in Arcata, one year after recording an EP called "Hilarious Things," but I wasn't happy with the result. In hindsight, trying to generate a new hour of material in twelve months was overly ambitious. After a couple months of attempted turd-polishing in the editing phase, I ultimately ended up shelving it and reworking most of the material for another year. I'm much happier with the result this time around.

Daddy Issues covers my usual range of material: fatherhood, sex, dating, politics, religion, and a few other odds and ends.  The video version of the album has some interview snippets interspersed throughout.  Run time is 57 minutes for the video version and 53 for the audio.


Streaming audio is available on Pandora and Spotify. Audio is available for purchase through Amazon and iTunes. Video is available for purchase through Gumroad below:

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